We create content that sells destinations and travel brands.

Since 2008, Legit Productions has done one thing: producing high quality, award winning visual & editorial content for travel and tourism brands' marketing campaigns. 

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Photographic production

Check out your destination or brand name on social media search engines and Google images. What do you see? What will prospective travelers will see? Engaging images that thoughtfully reflect your destination's highlights or an endless scroll of already-seen-everywhere and bland low quality photographies? We know how to change this.

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Video production

Why should domestic and international travelers choose your destination for their upcoming trip? Our videography production team produces original and authentic travel stories, carefully scripted or wildly unscripted, in short and impactful formats carefully adapted for social media distribution. Reach to the heart of your future travelers. Give them a true reason to choose your destination.

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Custom Digital Publishing

Go to the next level in engaging with prospective and returning travelers with your very own travel publication, entirely produced by Legit Productions. You'll literally have nothing to do. We'll deliver a high quality, professional looking digital travel magazine that will reflect your destination's core values and act as a powerful sales tool for all your sales channels.